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Z | Zuba | South of Eden testo canzone

Il testo della canzone South of Eden di Zuba
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1) Nowhere to go on this hot afternoon turn on the fan lay down in my room
I cant believe in this town i'm still here
no lover in sight, the mirage disapppears
Turn down the misic turn down the bed
cause the drink I had this morning, went straight to my head, and I feel like a dream

Chorus -
Baby im a real steal Half price looking for a deal ?
I'm golden all around, golden all around

2) In the middle of infinity in the heart of your eyes
I see 100 angels living 100 lives
In the dark of the night when you're alone in your bed
Do you ever think of me, am I a ghost in your head

Chorus -
Golden all around golden all around->

j6s17209g32388 ss18h

Bridge - round, all around, all around

3) Found a park in the middle of town flat on my back no one around
The sky grew dark and the sun disappeared and down came rain of sweet lovers tears
Hitched a ride south of eden with a dog dusty and beaten
speed so fast spinning in my head, and he turned to me and said

Chorus -
he said, Baby i'm a real steal
Half price looking for a deal
I'm golden all around, golden all around2x
golden all around
golden all around


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