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Z | Zappacosta | Show Me testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Show Me di Zappacosta
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Donít tell me that youíre armed
With fantasies youíve been keeping
Or that Iíd be alarmed
With what you do to me when youíre dreaming
Why should Iíd be surprised
When your passion flies at random
What youíve reserved for my eyes
Is worth my weight in ransom
Donít whisper words in my ear
Stop describing it - Show me
Iím hooked, Iím lost, still Iím wise
Do what you say
Temptationís had its day
Now show me

You say you dance for me each night
With your silhouette enhancing
Promises of delight
And you're special way of romancing
Donít say youíre way out of line
Donít threaten meshow me
Iím wise, Iíve read all the signs
Thereís no compromise, youíre free to improvise
Now show me

I see images so fine
So precious so alluring
Now would you be so kind
To relieve me of this yearning
Donít whisper words in my ears
Thereís no compromise, youíre free to improvise
Now show me


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