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V | Velvet Revolver | Superhuman testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Superhuman di Velvet Revolver
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I'm a superman
I wanna be your superman
I'm a superman
I wanna be your superman

What you get is a crash course to be a man
But a man is a destination never known
Sometimes dressed up like a red hot lady in pumps
Don't think she can get enough

Always feel like she's runnin on a hamster wheel
Getting high, crashing cars and makin mistakes
Keepin her face packed with cocaine
Her face is numb your faith is gone

I'm travelin on now
I'm makin plans now
?1o22423 518185joo5,


Keep it comin in a world that's blown up wild
Keep it comin in a world that's bred her style
We're all runnin from the goose she's high on cocaine
There's a noose swimmin right between her legs to her brain

We're all in need of a superhuman woman now
We're all in need of a superhuman woman now
So rodeo, rodeo, rodeo, rodeo
Throw the rope around her neck and get the show on the road

What's she thinking
She'll never get enough


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