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R | Ryan Adams il testi delle canzoni

Canzoni di Ryan Adams
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  A Kiss Before I Go

  Afraid Not Scared


  Answering Bell

  Anybody Want To Take Me Home


  Bartering Lines

  Beautiful Sorta


  Blue Sky Blues


  Burning Photograhs

  Call Me On Your Way Back Home

  Carolina Rain

  Cherry Lane

  Chin Up, Cheer Up

  City Rain, City Streets

  Cold Roses

  Come Pick Me Up

  Cry On Demand

  Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)

  Dance All Night

  Dear Chicago

  Dear John


  Do Miss America

  Don't Ask For The Water

  Don't Fail Me Now

  Easy Plateau

  Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part

  Enemy Fire

  English Girls Can Be So Mean




  Gimme A Sign

  Gonna Make You Love Me

  Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd


  Hard Way To Fall

  Harder Now That It's Over

  Hotel Chelsea Nights

  How Do You Keep Love Alive?

  I See Monsters

  If I Am A Stranger

  In My Time Of Need

  Jesus (Don't Touch My Baby)

  La Cienega Just Smiled

  Let It Ride

  Life Is Beautiful

  Love Is Hell


  Magnolia Mountain

  Meadowlake Street


  My Heart Is Broken

  My Winding Wheel

  New York, New York


  Nobody Girl

  Not To Self: Don't Die

  Now That You're Gone


  Oh My Sweet Carolina


  Peaceful Valley

  Please Don't Let Me Go

  Political Scientist

  Rock N Roll




  Shakedown On 9th Street


  She Wants To Play Hearts

  She's Lost Total Control

  Silver Bullets

  So Alive

  Somehow, Someday

  Starlite Diner

  Starting To Hurt

  Strawberry Wine

  Sweet Illusions

  Sweet Lil' Gal (23rd / 1st)

  Sylvia Plath

  Tennessee Sucks

  Thank You Louise

  The Drugs Not Working

  The End

  The Hardest Part

  The Rescue Blues

  The Sadness

  This House Is Not For Sale

  This Is It

  Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues

  To Be The One

  To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)


  Touch, Feel & Lose



  When The Stars Go Blue

  When Will You Come Back Home

  Why Do They Leave?

  Wild Flowers

  Wish You Were Here

  Withering Heights


  World War 24

  You Will Always Be The Same


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