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Q | Queensryche | Child Of Fire testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Child Of Fire di Queensryche
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Born into darkness in Saturn's sight
Riding the night like the wind
Ripping the heart form a world that is right
Treading the borders of sin.

Child of fire
The souls that are damned
By the pain that you bring
Send you higher

Slashing destruction, your right hand sword ringing
To the ends of the earth you will fly
Conquering masses in wonton deception
Blood red your black flag waves high

Child of fire
The souls that are damned
By the pain that you bring send you higher

Look around. Is this the end you've foreseen?
The pain? The misery in us all?
What was it that you knew?
Will we someday learn it too?
And together build another way to the morning?
Will it ever come again?
You've poisoned all our hopes we have nothing now
And what of the children?
What has this done to them?
Damn you for the pain they must feel

The last hero standing no time to turn back
He's listening, waits for your call
The black barren plains reflect hope of the same for only one waiting to

Child of fire.
The souls that are damned
By the pain that you bring send you higher
Higher. No!


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