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P | Play N Skillz | Now testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Now di Play N Skillz
Più canzoni
(feat. Lil Flip)

(Chorus: Skillz)
Now they wanna roll with a playa like me (x4)

(Verse 1: Play)
We shaking haters now
We getting paper now
New kicks new bitch every day now
Blue rocks, yellow rocks on my chain now
I know you see me now
We in The Source now
Itís them twins Play N Skillz with them beats now
I **** with Flip now
No more bricks now
And yeah them beats be knockin
And yeah them hoes be boppin
They see the trucks, throw backs
And now they want us now

(Verse 2: Skillz)
New kicks on my feet now
Have a seat now
Listen up now
I'm batter up now
Throw backs now
No slacks now
Got em like how
but thatís my lifestyle
You know I rap now
And you a rat now
Magazines now
So fresh and clean now
You wanna beat now
To knock teeth now
Dallas on the map now
No looking back now

(Chorus: Skillz)
Now they wanna roll with a playa like me (x4)

(Verse 3: Lil Flip)
I got my own label now
Thereís more paper now
I make Columbia lay the cards on the table now
Cuz I'm the ace now
You just a joker now
You gotta go back to being a promoter now
Thatís ****ed up huh?
I lucked up huh?
I walk around with a bigger pimp cup huh?
I'm the man now
You understand now
Now you a fan now
Just like Stan now
Iím a winner now
I ride spinners now
I'm in the top 10
I'm pushing drop Benz
You gotta take my artist
I call the shots now
Me and my daddy bout to buy a bigger lot now
Come get a car from me
I got em cheap now
I'm like a nightmare
You can't sleep now
I bring the heat now
You know my street now
It's Lil Flipper, don't get your ass beat now

(Chorus: Skillz)
Now they wanna roll with a playa like me (x4)

(Verse 4: Skillz)
Yeah, Skillz
You at home now
On the phone now
Talking shit now
But you ain't shit now
I'm making money now
Itís not so funny now
The way I dress now
I must be blessed now
We run the city now
Hoes say I'm pretty now
No, I'm not teasing now
It happened for a reason now
You can't stand me now
You sweet like candy now
And later you gon bow
It's goin down now

(Verse 5: Play)
We packing 4 pounds
16 rounds
With a scope
With a beam that'll lay it down
D-Town, 214, thatís my city now
I ****ed with Coach and Boss
Yeah, thatís my click now
Blue in the cup,
Them girls wanna ****
But I pay no mind to bitches
I pay no mind to stitches
We stay puffin dro, we sit on 24s
Everywhere we go
Yeah thatís how we roll

(Chorus: Skillz)
Now they wanna roll with a playa like me (x4)

Play N Skillz
Lil Flip


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