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P | Play N Skillz | Hey Lady (Remix) testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Hey Lady (Remix) di Play N Skillz
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Play N Skillz (Play N Skillz)
Remix, remix, remix, remix


This how we do it!
Remix, remix, remix
Play N Skillz (Play N Skillz)
G-4 lets go!

(Chorus: Chamillionaire)
Come with me
Hey lady won't you ride with me
Cause its about that time
We about to ride tonight
La da da da da da da

Come with me
Hey lady won't you ride with me
Cause its about that time
We about to ride tonight
La da da da da da da

(Verse 1: Skillz)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, true story
I see them haters scopin
But they just really hopin
They girl wasn't chosen
To get her back broken
When her man's not at home
She calls me on my phone
She loves to give me dome, lust up on and then I'm gone
You see I keep her waiting
Its never love makin
I keep her legs shakin
And she ain't never fakin
Now thats a down hoe
Keeps it on the down low
She loves to go down low
Then brings it up slow
Nobody does it better when it comes to a freak
And thats the reason why I met her cause her favorite song was Freaks
And if I see a fly chick
Pull up with a fly fit
Then pull out with the sidekick
I know she wants to ride wit, me!


(Verse 2: Play)
Uh, y'all know revenge is the sweetest thing next to gettin pussy
But I'm a pimp not a killer but don't try and push me
She wanna take a ride, she wanna hop inside
The 745, she wanna live the life of a ghetto superstar
And roll through any hood
She ain't with the Bobby Brown, mommy wanna smoke that good
She said I know you who you are baby what you done
But I ain't tricking, always pimpin, we could **** for fun
So heres my number you can call me when your man's gone
Your man's a lame with no change, mommy here I come!
But I'm a boss player, your man's a handcuffer
Tell him let you go, I go away, I got ain't gon' touch ya
We flip some bricks, flip some hits, now we gettin paper
Yellow purple diamonds on my neck, I'm a L.A. Laker
Front row like Shaq, pockets filled with stacks
Coke mixed with 'gnac, layed back Maybach

(Chorus x2)


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