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P | Play N Skillz | Call Me (Remix) testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Call Me (Remix) di Play N Skillz
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(feat. Chamillionaire, Lil' Flip, Young Noble)

The rock! Young Gunz, Play N Skillz
Clover G's, Lil' Flip is in the building
o8 121812g7464n 12c
Ready Play, One more time man
Ready Skillz, Lets do it

She's callin me on my phone
Tellin me, she's feelin freaky
Her body's in need of me
Ya'll know player's get jones
So, if you're feelin freaky and
Your body's in need of me
You can (call me), call me, (call me)
You can call me
When you're feelin freaky and
Your body's in need of me
You can (call me), call me, (call me)
You can call me
When you're feelin freaky and
Your body's in need of me

(Lil' Flip:)
Clover G's!
In the middle of the night, I hit you with a pipe
Baby girl you look so rigth
That ass so fat (fat), make a pimp like me want to catch a flight (flight)
So if your man ain't acting right you need to call me (call me)
Cause I garantee he can't out-ball me (cause)
I'm used to having things (having things)
Platinum range (platinum range)
3-h, 2 blunts and 1 platinum chain
So if you wanna roll
Just hit me on my phone
Or two way me when your baby daddy ain't home


Her body's feeling freaky
She calls me when she needs me
She can't wait to please me
I don't need you to believe me
I'm not her man or lover
We understand each other
It's somethin bout the cover
We always using rubbers
She loves to go down
I never return the favor
That's why she so down
Creepin so much you would think we neighbors
She loves to keep the dick up inside her
I would say a definite rider
And just because of the player she chose
It doesn't mean I'ma give her the go


She won't roll with a player like you
She wanna roll with a player like me
She callin me cuz she's in the need
Of a player like me that's stackin G's
That break her back, and put it back
Don't be mad cuz your girl keep callin'
23's coop, she's callin me cuz your boy is ballin'
I know that she's gotta man
With a game plan, with the wedding plan
But, I'm not the man, we're not holdin hands
But, whatchu have, your man don't understand
She's callin me up when she leaves her job
That's what's up, when she leaves the club
Had too much, she wanna cut, that's what's up


(Young Noble:)
When I'm alone in my room
Sometimes I stare at the wall
And in the back of my mind
Hearing my cuntians crawl
Telling me I need a girl whos as sweet as a dove
But I'm still young chris, I'm just reaching the dub
You can't move me that fast its like a movie to me
So many groupie I see
How can I lose what I have
Tell that bitch I'm a boss playa
Shake it like a saltshaker
Care less about your damn man (Young Gunz)



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