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L | Level 42 | Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind di Level 42
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I remember your goodbye
and the late December sky
seems so long ago
you were standing on the quay
and you blew a kiss to me
I was sad to go
the ship began to pull away
then I heard a stranger say
it's sad to see true lovers part
'cause sometimes lovers feel a change of heart
out of sight and out of mind

well the stranger's words came true
and the prophecy went through
I knew it would change my world
'cause when I called your home
a whispered conversation
I overheard
I asked you what was going on
you said that I'd been gone too long
and the rain that fell in West Berlin
was nothing like the rain that fell within
out of sight and out of mind

oh, Regine
here am I
so far away
out of sight, out of mind
love has gone
but I will shine
day after day
I will take what love I find

so I made some other plans
took my life in these two hands
and I know I won't turn around
though I often see your face
when I'm in a crowded place
it doesn't get me down
I met a girl with smiling eyes
full of love and worldly wise
she told me she knows what to do
to help me put the memories of you
out of sight and out of mind



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