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K | Kris Kross | Tonight's the Night (Redman Remix) testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Tonight's the Night (Redman Remix) di Kris Kross
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featuring Redman

Kris Kross
Redman remix
(Redman) No one can do this better than me
Uh rock on
(Redman) Funk Docta Spock
Feel me
I got your block on lock
Redman in the house one time
Tear the house down two or three times

Who got you open
Out the track
It's no other than the sounds of the Daddy Mac
Still slapping
Back, patchin up my turf
Cause after me was a fact
Real words at the worst
Stompin, jumpin wannabes
Better but now however there's only one M-A-C
Me and Doc for the big picture
Ways of gettin richer
Miss too quick to hit your sister

Ballin in the green county on chrome
I slip brothers in the deck
Got my cellular phone
I'm just loungin
Sound all around and a dip on the other end wanna put me down now
No hesitation I hops to it
See it ain't easy bein Mac but somebody gotta do it
True usually represent it right
But I'm the M-A-C D-A double D-Y

And tonight's the night please
My whole crew, mate's, G's
Tonight's the night baby so blow up on these
Yea tonight's the night
Please listen to the remix
Yea please listen to the remix
Tonight's the night please
My whole crew, mate's, G's
Tonight's the night baby so blow up on these
Tonight's the night
Please listen to the remix

Redman rock on
I was born to beat MCs down to oblivious
Nobody touch this
The superb superior
Fine interior
Blown on all visitors
Steppin in my physical perimeter
I rock those and three quarter stones
Of the purple
Work butter
The eye shutter
If you wanna test the lyrical expert
I start jumpin like grandma's in church
Def Squad representa
We representin hood buggers, Buddha mikes and cash getters
Just smash master feelers and ass kickers
Real criminals who hold the gap clickers
The way I rap I impress
You damn right I'm gettin cheddar from So So Def
Watch the Bricks get thicker
3 be flowin Don at the tunnel
Blaze the blunt
Take it too
Prove you that ill Mc from that slick hero
I know you kinda folks
You just run this skit town
Your girl rock my
You turn my down yea
Now how's that from the Keith Murray LP
Pop Krystalle forever
Whoever can nail me
Straight up Def Squad till I die
I stay jiggy, aaah with the green eyes

Kris Kross rock on
Redman rock on
So So Def rock on
Def Squad rock on
Kris Kross rock on
Redman rock on
So So Def rock on
Tonight is the night
Def Squad rock on
Yea yea baby


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