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B | Beverley Knight | Damn testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Damn di Beverley Knight
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You're a medicine baby
Just a little dose and I feel so fine
You're everything that I want
Yet everything that I fear
You are

You're an enema baby
You don't feel right but you can't leave my system
You're everything that I have
Yet nothing that I own (this is so wrong)

Damn the reason why
Can't get you off my head and say goodbye
And do I have to live this life a fool?
Knowing when I'm lonely I just keep coming back to you
Damn the reason why
Can't get you off my head and say goodbye
And do I have to live this life a fool?
Always coming back to you

(Gotta tell you)
You're an opiate baby
Send me on a high but in the end you'll kill me
I need to keep my sanity
That's the one thing that you'll take from me

(Ooh ooh ohh ooh baby)
You're a tidal wave baby
Dangerous to ride, but the rush is amazing
You've made me what I have become
Something I should have never have begun

And how is it so
That you stay with me like my own shadow
Hell, I've got my pride
So why do I keep coming on back
And oh


Ain't nothing but those silly games
That's bonding you to my mind
Ain't no rhyme or reason other than ooh bedtime
Simply put, I just love to look at you
'Cos to love ya is a waste of time
That's the sum of it
No denying it
Cos we both know we're through

Oh! Damn the reason
That you should make me want you so
When I'm lonely - that's when you come
Why do I invite this misery?
Oh! Damn the reasons that make me cover both my eyes
So I can't see just what you are
And what you've done to me

Chorus (x2)

I'm a fool, just keep on coming back to you


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