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7 | 7 Mary 3 | Water's Edge testo canzone

Il testo della canzone Water's Edge di 7 Mary 3
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don't go there I heard her say.
you can't stomach what you're going to see
It's down there, by the water's edge
wasted and bloated and waiting for someone else

funny how, these things come about
when you're tied to the teeth and mouth
no sound or fury, no shot of pain
there was no real reason, no gain

I can't go down to the waters edge
I didn't do it..I saw who did
Don't go down to the waters edge
they did it once and they can do it again

it ain't no secret to me
how she got there down by the stream
I'd seen her a minute before the van pulled up and opened
the door (took all my love)

but I can't say a single word
about what I saw of her
her killers.they got their friends
in familiar places, I tell you man

this ain't no fing game
and I'm feeling so ashamed
because I didn't do anything
no I didn't do anything
to stop this from happening I didn't do a thing I swear


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